the Australian New Church College


Welcome to the Australian New Church College Online. Our study programs have been designed to offer learners a firm foundation in the core principles of Spiritual Christianity. At the heart of Spiritual Christianity lies the belief that the Word of the Lord constitutes a divine revelation that primarily delves into whats needed for our spiritaul development.

Spiritual Christianity teaches that the Word possesses multiple layers of meaning. While the surface level presents a symbolic and literal interpretation, it is merely the gateway to a more profound spiritual significance. These hidden depths illuminate the very structures and processes that underlie the regeneration of the human psyche. Such insights, imperative for our spiritual rebirth, meticulously outline what’s needed for our regeneration.

With an unwavering dedication to the salvation of the human race, the Lord has revealed the teachings of Spiritual Christianity. These teachings, expounded in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), provide the means for all who seek the Lord in His Word to be raise up from a natural into a spiritual life. Swedenborg, a faithful servant of the Lord, claimed to have received these profound revelations while immersed in the study of the Word.

The Australian New Church College Online presents a diverse spectrum of enriching learning opportunities and invites you to consider how these might support your spiritual development.

The College’s Programmes of Study

The College offers two formal programmes of study and a small group based spiritual practice called Logopraxis. The formal programmes are delivered through an online course management system (called Moodle) with tutor support via Zoom.  The introductory Certificate programme provides learners with the necessary foundation for a deeper dive into the teachings offered through our Diploma programme. On the successful completion of the Certificate Programme learners are awarded the Certificate in Spiritual Christianity.  Learners need to successfully complete the Certificate programme, or its equivalent, for entry into the Diploma Programme. More information on the courses can be found by clicking on the links below.

Who Are Our Programmes For

Our courses are for all those who have a passion for the Word and who are seeking to work with divine truths as the basis for leading a spiritual life. So if you are someone who desires to be better equipped to bring a spiritual focus to life that looks to the spiritual well being of others and feel that a structured approach to understanding how the teachings for Spiritual Christianity can support you to do that then please contact us using the link below.

Programmes of Study